Anyone sharing content on a relevant topic can add the hashtag label to their message

Simply type the tag of your choice, such as #digitalhardy, and click the page labeled Hashtag. This will open the same feed of related posts as you would get if you clicked on a hashtag in a post.

Follow these simple rules:

  • No spaces
  • No punctuation
  • No special characters

Another thing to keep in mind: capitalization only matters for readability. #DigitalHardy

Why Use Hashtags?

There are a number of reasons why you want to use hashtags in social media.

  • Hashtags help you get found by your target audience. 

Many people do research by searching on specific hashtags. By using the hashtags that are of interest to your ideal customer, you can increase the chances of being found.

  • Hashtags are great for research. 

If you are doing research, it’s easy to find great, relevant content by search on specific hashtags.

  • Hashtags become links to search queries. 

So, while someone might click your hashtag and take those to a search query, at the same time, that search is collecting a lot more views, and will lead more people to see your post.