These days, social media has moved to an entirely different level. Businesses of all sizes in every industry have realized that a huge base of potential customers is daily thumbing through their posts at every opportunity – in line, on the bus, at work. Its mobile marketing that is crucial to growing your business.

But don’t take our word for it – just look at the numbers. Instagram, started in 2010 and absorbed by the social media giant Facebook in 2012, now has one billion active monthly users and 700 million daily active users. Of these, 400 million users check out Instagram stories regularly.

To grow your business, here are some Tips:

1) Optimise your Bio:

Your Bio should be on point. It must include description about your business, products, services or a person itself. Niche down your clients to blow up because to grow we need quality followers not quantity followers.

2) Unique content:

Hashtags and a website link is like Bhramastra in your content.

3) Consisting posting schedule:

To engage with your customers consistently make them remember your presence by unique and informational content post on regular basis. For this you should schedule your post in one sit by using Facebook tool creator studio.

4) Instagram Features:

Use features like Reels, IGTV, Insta Live, Post, Story to connect with users in different way.

5)Track your Analytics:

Use Analytics tool to know how your post or video responding.

6) Guest posting

Post someone’s important content in your account or vice versa. By doing this you can increase you followers by fostering personal connection.

Various Industries who turned towards Instagram to boost their business:

1)Educational institute:

The idea of projecting college education to the target student population using social media is not a new phenomenon, as many educational institutions regularly communicate to the public via their social media pages.

Eg: lovely professional university, Cept University, Parul University are using instagram to target students.

2)Hospitality Industry:

Instagram will always be central to a winning (and cost-effective) social media strategy that drives direct bookings by eye-catching photos ,videos of beautiful views and now a days Reels. Many celebrities are promoting hotels, Restaurants and Resorts by giving valuable feedback via paid partnership.

Eg: Tajhotels, Oberai hotel, ITC hotel use instagram to boost their business.

3)Fashion Industry:

Instagram is growing at a phenomenal rate and within its huge audience is a sizeable group of fashionistas who love the platform and have turned it into a shoppable catwalk. One third of its 500 million users have bought an item of clothing after seeing it on the platform, according to Instagram’s recent statistics.

Eg: Asopalav, forever 21, H & M, Iconic.

Like these industries other industries are Real estate, retail, education, marketing, recruiting, restaurants, entertainment, lifestyle and travel, health and fitness, beauty and fashion, recruitment, etc.