Social media platform is among the most effective marketing method. When you are busy in running your business, it is impossible to find the time to be active on every social media platform. Narrowing your choice by choosing a few social media platform which allow you to focus and efforts which give you the best return on your investment.So how do you choose the best social media platform?

Here are some steps to determine which platform is perfect for your business:

1. Consider the nature of business

It depends on companies that they are dealing in business to business (B 2 B) or business to consumer (B 2 C). For B2B dealing and interaction the LinkedIn helps in target customer and builds potential and personal clients connection. For B2C companies, Facebook and Instagram help in gaining visibility and engage with customers.

2. Find your target audience

Small business need to make sure that their advertising budget is working hard for them or give them good result according to their efforts. The business should spend some time to understand their audience preferences and consider that how active the audience in social media.  Sometimes the Google will not deliver the best result as the Facebook and Instagram does.

3. Define your Goals

Once you know the audience, you need to define goals for them. As primary goal will be to drive sales by attracting customer yet and there are other creative goals for social media. With social media you can drive brand recognition and to develop friendly relationship with the potential buyers and for customer support. When it comes to creating your social media goals, brainstorm a list of both typical and unusual ways social media could work for your brand.

4. Empower to find the right channels

Focusing on specific publishing outlet on social media, I would suggest the marketing team to focus their time on empowering advocates social channels. By putting efforts in promoting brand in social media platforms, you will able to see the most of traffic comes from and you can target them for your brand enhancement

5. Research your Competitors

The most important thing is to research on your competitor, check their social media pages, what content they are posting and how many users are engaging with that content. By analysing that which social media channel is yielding the great result choose them.

6. Focus on the Backbone of Digital footprint

Your website is the backbone to your digital footprint and communications. By making it awesome, add great content and make it attractive. With time add blogs, which you can direct to social media platform.

7. Build strategy for social media platforms

For business, maximizing reach for minimum effort is key. Thus it is important to make strategy for social media handles.  Creating the effective content then publish to all social media channels. There are many free scheduling tools available that make it easy to schedule one or two posts per week pushed out to multiple places.