Instagram is continually changing, including new highlights, exchanging up their algorithm and all around simply causing us to remain alert!

Instagram has recently reported another local shopping experience on their foundation: Instagram Shops.

These shops are vivid, full screen virtual retail storefronts that make it simple for you to sell items locally inside the application.

There are some steps for creating a shop on Instagram to get access to features like shopping tags –

1.Confirm Eligibility

  • Your business situated in supported market
  • Your business essentially sells physical goods
  • Your business comply with commerce policy
  • Your Facebook and Instagram account are connected to business account

If all these conditions are fulfilled than you are eligible to setup Instgram Shopping.

2. Connect to catalogue

Instagram Shopping is powered by your item list. There are two different ways to interface product catalogue to your Instagram Business Account:

a.) Use Catalogue Manager

It is do – it – yourself method. Create yourself a new catalogue or connect to the existing one.

b.) Use E-Commerce platform partner

Integrate your account it through certified eCommerce channels

3. Account Review

When your account and product catalogue are connected, submit your account for review by following step.

  1. Go to your Instagram business profile and select settings
  2. Tap business than tap shopping
  3. Follow the steps to submit your account for review
  4. Visit Shopping in your Settings at any time to check status.

Usually the process takes a few days but sometimes it may take longer.

4. Create your first shopping post or story

Since you’ve opened for business, you can begin adding product labels and stickers to your Instagram posts and stories. Begin making a post as normal and tap ‘Label Products’ to include an item from your catalogue. You can include up to five items for every picture or video post, and up 20 items on multi-picture posts. You can likewise return and add shopping labels to old posts on your business profile.

Stories can highlight the one product sticker for each story. What’s more you can change the colour and content for product stickers.

5. Start Tagging

You can use Shopping Tags to feature items in your photos and videos across Feed and Stories.

a. Shopping Tags in post

  • Add photos
  • Add a caption
  • Tag products
  • Tap on photo
  • Search for product
  • Select product
  • Tap done and then share

b. Shopping Stickers in stories

After you select an image for story after that follow the instruction:

  • Click on story icon in the top right
  • Choose the product sticker from sticker tray
  • Choose the product from your catalogue that you want to feature
  • Drag the product sticker to where you would like to appear on your story
  • Change the text colour of product by tapping the sticker and then share it

6. Check your shopping insights

Check your insights in your profile to see how your shopping post and stories are performing. These insights can help you what your customer want, so you can offer them relevant products.