Do you know which competitor’s ads are running on your wall? Did you felt like you see a creative wall with your ads?

Today here we show you how to spy on your competitor’s Facebook ads and different ways to get different Ideas for your upcoming campaigns.

First of all,
1. Go to your home news feed and find the adv., which is mostly at the second post from the top of the feed.
2. Click the down arrow on the upper right corner of the adv and select “Why am I Seeing this?”

why am i seeing this ad?

The next screen provides you an explanation as:  why you’re seeing the ad, as well as some targeting parameters that the advertiser used to target you. If you see an ad from your competitor, definitely find out why you are seeing it.

Next, click the ‘Manage Your Ad Preferences’ link.


manage your adv preferances

This will bring you to your Facebook Ad Preferences – This screen show you what influences the ads you see, as well as how Facebook is categorizing you as a user based on your interests.


your ad preferences

From here, you can click on a specific category and choose an interest. If I click, for example, it’ll show me example ads that were created by advertisers trying to reach people with interests related to Amazon. It’s a pretty cool way to see how other people are going after a specific audience.

amazon adv

There you have it – A perfect way to spy on your competitors’ Facebook ads. Use this tactic to get more out of your Facebook advertising campaigns.